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Bridge to Arbitrum and Back Again with LooksRare!

LooksRare x Socket

Have you heard the news? LooksRare games just went multi-chain — starting with Poke the Bear on the Arbitrum network.

To play in this exciting new world, you’ll need Arbitrum’s native ETH. Fortunately, we’ve made it fast, easy, and cheap for you to get, right here on LooksRare!

💨 Teleport your ETH Between Arbitrum and Ethereum

The bridge will automatically choose the best route to move your funds either way, ensuring transactions are fast and fees are low.


🪢 How to Bridge

Bridging mainnet ETH to Arbitrum only takes a couple minutes — and you can do it directly on LooksRare!

Here’s how:

  1. Hit the Profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the Wallet section, hit Move Funds Across Networks
  3. Input the details into the widget and off you go!

🪄 What Is This Sorcery?

No magic: we’ve partnered with Socket — an interoperability protocol for secure and efficient data/asset transfers across chains.

To date, Socket’s cutting-edge infrastructure has been responsible for $5B+ in volume transferred across over 10M+ transactions, powering top-tier platforms like MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet and GMX.