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Play to Earn Gems. Season 4 begins TODAY 🚀

Let's get it.

Forget everything you know about earning Gems.

In Season 4, claiming your slice of the LOOKS Airdrop pie is going to require a different kind of participation.

🤔 What’s Different in Season 4?

Selling NFTs ain’t what it used to be.

In Season 4, listing lower on LooksRare won’t earn you Gems any more. The usual Daily Quests, Milestones and gm streak still exist — but you’ll be working towards different objectives.

💎 How Can I Earn Gems?

By playing YOLO and participating in raffles on LooksRare.

You’ll get rewarded for activities such as:

  • Being the first to yeet ETH/LOOKS/NFTs into a YOLO pot
  • Winning YOLO rounds
  • Entering LooksRare Raffles

Check out the docs here, or head over to the Rewards Hub to learn more.

Pro Tip ☝️

Get in on YOLO rounds early to MASSIVELY increase your Gem rewards.

🍯 How Many LOOKS Are In the Airdrop Rewards?

This season, you’ll be playing for a share of 2,000,000 LOOKS.

🏁 When Does Season 4 Begin?

The fourth Season begins today, October 31st, at 14:00 UTC — and it’ll last four weeks.

SZN 3 Claims

You have until the end of Season 4 to claim any unclaimed Airdrop allocation from SZN 3. If you haven’t already, hit the Rewards Hub.

Game on, degens.

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