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How to Set Up Your Collection

Collection Management

Before we start:

  • If you’re having issues seeing items from your collection, jump to the FAQ section at the bottom of this article.
  • If you want to create new NFTs, LooksRare doesn’t currently have this functionality: we expect to launch a collection creation system at some point later on.

How to Set Up Your Collection

Connect Wallet

  1. Click the wallet icon at the top right of the screen and connect to looksrare.org with the wallet that owns your collection’s smart contract.


  1. Click the profile icon on the top right of the screen to bring up the menu, then click “My Collections”


  1. Click “Manage” for the collection you want to edit or set up.

Royalties Section

  1. Set the royalties.
    Royalties are paid instantly in WETH at the moment of sale - you don’t need to wait around or manually collect them. LooksConvenient 👀 (the labels are pretty self-explanatory, so we won’t go into further detail).


  1. Set up your collection profile.
  • Name - This will be the name of your collection on the LooksRare platform, including how it will appear on your collections page, and be searchable.
  • You can read more about how NSFW / explicit content is defined here.
  • Collection description - This will appear both on your collections page, and also in the metadata when someone shares a link to your collection or an item from it.


  1. Set up your collections social links (the labels are pretty self-explanatory, so won’t go into further detail).
  2. All done!


I can’t see my collection on LooksRare / some items are missing!

If you created NFTs via OpenSea Storefront or another Storefront/lazy-minting contract, see the next question. Otherwise, make sure you’re connected to the site with the Owner wallet.

My collection is part of the OpenSea Storefront Contract, what can I do?

Unfortunately nothing for now. OpenSea’s storefront contract is an unverified black box. Indeed, "lazy-minted" NFTs do not exist on the blockchain until sold or transferred, so some collections may appear incomplete or not at all. One thing you could consider is migrating to your own smart contract, which from what we understand, projects like Manifold have been helping to facilitate.

Do I need to import my collection to LooksRare?

No, LooksRare indexes the entire Ethereum blockchain, so if your collection exists on Ethereum, it will be on LooksRare.

How are collections defined on LooksRare?

Collections are currently defined by contract address. So all tokens within a contract fall under it as a collection.

Who can edit the details of a collection?

By default, the owner of a collection is the address that owns the underlying smart contract, which can typically be viewed as a read function.

For example: Bored Ape Yacht Club