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Introducing LooksRare Community Raffles 🎟️

YOLO: backed by transparent, verifiable randomness.

Your NFTs. Your rules.

Create provably fair raffles and host them on LooksRare today!

🍀 What Are Community Raffles?

They’re exactly the same as LooksRare Raffles — but you’re in charge. That means you set the rules, you pick the prizes, and you take home the proceeds.

Want to reward your community by allowing them to win some of your most iconic pieces? Prefer to raffle off that ultra-rare blue-chip, rather than listing it on an NFT marketplace?

This is the tool for you.

🤔 How Does It Work?

Head over to the Raffles page, and pick the NFTs you want to add to your raffle. You can specify the minimum amount you want to earn here, too.

ℹ️Note: by default, your raffle’s name is based on the first item you add. For instance, if you added BAYC #7495 and 20 other items, it will be displayed as BoredApeYachtClub #7945 and 20 More!

After that, you can choose your settings: how long the raffle runs for, how entry tiers are structured, and how many entries a single user can buy. We’ll recommend what we think is best, but, ultimately, this is your show — so pick whatever options you prefer.

🎉 Go Live

Once you’ve reviewed your chosen settings, all that’s left to do is launch your raffle!

Click Go Live! to share it with the world.

Got some rare NFTs you want to get rid of?

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