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What are Trading Rewards?


As of September 2023, Trading Rewards were discontinued in favor of a different approach to rewards. The information below is irrelevant, but available to view for archival purposes.

❓ What are Trading Rewards?

Whenever you trade NFTs on LooksRare, you earn LOOKS tokens. In a nutshell, these are Trading Rewards.

Note: private sales are not eligible for trading rewards.

Why aren't Trading Rewards distributed for private sales?

Since LooksRare doesn't charge a platform fee for private sales, they're effectively zero-fee transactions — meaning that they'd be much easier to exploit with inauthentic volume.

How can a collection qualify to earn Trading Rewards?

All collections now generate trading rewards. No minimum volume required - you earn LOOKS every time your buy or sell an NFT on LooksRare, from any collection! Again, private sales are the exception.

When are Trading Rewards distributed?

The previous day’s collected protocol trading fees are earned by LOOKS stakers as rewards. Reward rates are adjusted roughly every 24 hours, based on the past 24 hours’ trading activity.

Where can I see if I've earned any Trading Rewards?

You can check to see if you've earned any trading rewards from LooksRare by visiting the Rewards page.

👉 Learn more about how Trading Rewards work here.