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LOOKS Rewards Migration

What’s the difference between the WETH Earner and the LOOKS Compounder?

Hint: it’s in the name.

With the WETH Earner, you’ll earn WETH directly. The LOOKS Compounder is based on the same system, but it automatically trades the WETH you earn into LOOKS, so you earn LOOKS over time.

How can I get back the LOOKS I’ve committed?

Withdrawing your LOOKS via the website is simple. You have two options available:

  • A Standard unwrap (which takes seven days)
  • A Priority unwrap (which unlocks your LOOKS instantly, but 5% is burned)

When you initiate a Standard unwrap, it triggers a seven-day lockup period — meaning that you can claim your LOOKS after seven days.

You can cancel a Standard unwrap, but you can’t modify an existing one. It’s also worth noting that only one Standard unwrap can exist at a time — so if you want to, for instance, unwrap an additional portion of LOOKS, you can either:

  • Wait until the existing unwrap is complete
  • Cancel the original unwrap and create a new one

Prefer to unwrap immediately? You’ll want a Priority unwrap, which allows you to claim your LOOKS instantly. However, 5% of the LOOKS amount will be burned.

Note: Priority unwraps can be initiated even if a Standard unwrap already exists.

Do I need to come back to claim my LOOKS after unwrapping it?

If you’ve initiated a Standard (seven-day) unwrap, yes, you need to return to collect your LOOKS after seven days have passed.

If you’ve initiated a Priority unwrap, you’ll receive your LOOKS immediately.

Can I do multiple Standard unwraps at the same time?

No — you’ll need to either wait for current ones to complete, or cancel them to adjust the amount.

Can I cancel or make changes to my pending Standard unwrap?

To cancel, just hit “Cancel” under the Unwrapping Now section in Protocol Rewards.

You can’t make changes: if you want to change the amount you’re unwrapping, you’ll need to cancel your existing Standard unwrap.

What’s the difference between wLOOKS, cLOOKS and LOOKS?

LOOKS is the ERC-20 token you know and love — the one that powers the LooksRare protocol, which you can commit to earn rewards.

wLOOKS (Wrapped LOOKS) is another version of LOOKS, which is used in the WETH Earner contract.

cLOOKS (Compounding LOOKS) is a ‘receipt’ token: it represents the LOOKS you’ve added to the Compounder, and can be used to redeem it. cLOOKS can’t be transferred anywhere other than the Compounder contract, and it functions automatically, so we don’t display your cLOOKS balance on the website to avoid confusion.

What happens if I don’t migrate my LOOKS from the retired contracts?

Nothing — but you won’t earn LOOKS rewards after block 18663262.