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Coming Soon: LooksRare NFT Aggregator

LooksRare NFT Aggregator

You read that right: soon, you’ll be able to buy NFTs from other marketplaces right on LooksRare.

Buying and selling NFTs listed on OpenSea will be available at launch. Before that, we’re hosting a public security audit contest with Code4rena, starting on November 8th. More on that below.

What’s an Aggregator?

An aggregator is a set of smart contracts that accepts trade data from multiple marketplaces / liquidity sources and executes the trades in a single on-chain transaction. The most prominent example of an Aggregator smart contract, that you may be familiar with, is’s GemSwap2.

What’s the Plan?

The initial implementation of the Aggregator will allow bulk-buys on LooksRare, along with the added convenience of being able to buy and bulk-buy NFTs from OpenSea, direct from LooksRare’s website. You’ll also be able to mix and match if you like!

Is it a Fork?

Nope, no forks here: in keeping with LooksRare tradition, our aggregator smart contracts are custom-built.

What’re the Audit Contest Details?

Audit Contest

Together with Code4rena, we’re launching an audit contest with an awards pool of 60,500 USDC.

The contest will help iron out any potential issues with the smart contracts before launch. Full details are still to come: if you’re interested, join the Code4rena Discord and follow along on their site for more info.

When’s the Aggregator Launching?

We haven’t defined the launch date yet, but the Code4rena public security audit contest, which starts on Nov 8th, will run for 5 days. After that, there’ll be an assessment period, and we’ll make any refinements necessary, then get ready for the final launch.

Basically, you’re gonna have to wait a little, just for now.