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Gems Season Two Starts Now — 5,000,000 LOOKS Airdrop

More Gems. More Rewards. Let's F🚀cking Go.

That’s right, degens. Season Two begins NOW.

Find out how to top the leaderboard and take home a share of the Airdrop rewards.

Congrats once again to the grinders that participated in Season One.

Over 94% of the LOOKS rewards have been claimed — see how many you’ve earned (and claim them!) here.

Anyways, that’s old news. Season Two is bigger. It’s badder. And it’s potentially very, very rewarding.

🏁 When Does Season 2 Start?

Gems 2: Electric Boogaloo™ kicks off July 3, 13:00 PM (UTC).

This time, it’ll last a full six weeks, ending on August 14.

💡 Heads up! If you have unclaimed Season One rewards, claim them before the end of Season 2. After that, they’ll be re-added to the treasury.

🏦 How Many LOOKS Are In the Airdrop Rewards?

Same as the last time: 5,000,000 LOOKS.

And, once again, your cut is determined by how many Gems you hold in relation to the total amount of Gems earned.

For instance, if you owned 10% of the total Gem supply, you’d be entitled to 10% of the Airdrop Rewards — or 500,000 LOOKS.

💎 How Do I Earn Season Two Gems?

The core mechanics remain the same. TL;DR: list low to get Gems.

If you participated in Season One, you’ll know that certain activities incur multipliers:

  • Listing closer to the floor
  • Occupying a certain rank on the leaderboard
  • Listing lower on LooksRare than on other marketplaces
  • Listing from hot collections

Of course, the same rules apply: items must be from eligible collections (you’ll see these clearly labeled) and we take any attempt to abuse the system seriously (looking at you, MEV botters).

Ready to get started?

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