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Turn Dust Into Diamonds with LooksRare Raffles

LooksRare Raffles

Low entry costs. High-value prizes.

Buy your entries for a chance to win BAYCs, Azukis, and more of the hottest blue-chips on the market.

Here’s what you need to know about LooksRare Raffles — and its 100% transparent, provably fair smart contracts.

🎲 How Does It Work?

Like every other lottery you’ve ever taken part in. There’s a really tasty prize pool — filled with NFTs and LOOKS tokens — and a fixed amount of entries for sale.

You and all the other degens can grab as many entries as you want (up to a maximum limit we set, to keep things balanced).

Once the minimum threshold of entries is hit, the smart contract magic happens as it picks the winners.

Everything happens on-chain, so you can be sure Zodd isn’t pulling a Waltonchain by giving himself the top prizes.

Raffles are random, and always will be. But don’t just take our word for it: check out the contract here. Or, if it’s all nonsense to you, here’s the Peckshield audit.

What if the threshold isn't hit?

If there’s too little interest in a particular round, it won’t go ahead. So, if the amount of entries bought is too low, the contract will enable users to have them refunded.

📅 What’s the Plan?

You’re in for a treat this week: we’ve got some spectacular prizes lined up.

Ever wanted to join Web3’s most exclusive yacht club but couldn’t justify the price tag?

What if we told you you could get membership 0.01 ETH or even less?

That’s right. Our top prize, every day for the next week, will be a BAYC NFT.

But wait, there’s more!

Where’s the fun in only having one winner?

Only one participant is worthy of the BAYC — but many more will go home with blue-chip NFTs and LOOKS rewards.

On day one, there are five Azukis up for grabs, and 100 bundles of 1,000 LOOKS.

As for days two, three and so on? You’ll just need to keep an eye out. 👀