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Season 6. LFG. 🚀

Another Season, Another Airdrop...

Another season, another 1,500,000 LOOKS up for grabs!

🤔 What’s Different in Season 6?

It’s the season of the bear.

Like the previous season, you’ll want to focus your efforts on Poke the Bear to rack up those Gems. ICYMI, it’s now live on Arbitrum — meaning massive fee savings.

💎 New Quests

☘️ Lucky Mfer

TL;DR: stay alive.

To earn Gems in this quest, you just need to not get mauled by the bear for consecutive rounds.

💡 Pro Tip: you don’t need to stay in the same cave to keep your streak going.

👈 Gotta Poke ‘Em All

Enter multiple future Poke the Bear rounds via a single transaction.

Your total count will increase any time you enter multiple rounds — so if you enter 10 rounds in a single transaction, then a further 10 in your next transaction, you’ll have a total of 20.

👀 And more..?

Keep an eye out on Twitter. We can share that YOLO will be launching on Arbitrum soon, and more quests may follow.

🍯 How Many LOOKS Are In the Airdrop Rewards?

This season, you’ll be playing for a share of 1,500,000 LOOKS.

🏁 When Does Season 6 Begin?

The sixth season begins today, January 15, at 14:00 UTC, and it’ll last five weeks.


Claim your share of the Season 5 Airdrop before the end of Season 6 via the Rewards Hub!

Let’s f*$£ing go.

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