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Blast Gold receiver: 0x5aC3caAeb36383853c3AA00D9314B1EB7D44514F

Blast Points operator: 0xF76B5B18B6Af0eDc2eC07fA658a880CAC071AcF0

In INVASION, you’ll build a squad of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenaries and send them on a mission to rob Broxylon IV of its natural resources.

Those resources? ETH & LOOKS.

Naturally, the inhabitants won’t take too kindly to invaders setting up mining equipment and drilling into their beautiful home. Expect heavy resistance.


In simple terms, it’s a new game by LooksRare. Those of you that participated in INFILTRATION will be familiar with the rules.

Split across three phases, INVASION will see you assemble a team of Invaders to rob a planet of its ETH and LOOKS. While they remain active, your Invaders will accumulate ETH (and, later, LOOKS).

INVASION uses a round-based timer to trigger actions, with each round lasting three minutes. During each of these, 0.2% of active Invaders will be WOUNDED — meaning that, should they fail to heal within the subsequent 120 rounds, they’ll die. At this point, you’ll forfeit any loot they’ve collected so far.


To heal, you’ll need to purchase a Medi-droid. These cost 20 LOOKS to begin with, but will double in price every time you buy one for a given Invader. As in INFILTRATION, there’s a chance that it malfunctions and ends up killing your Invader immediately.

Medi-droids become unavailable in the Final Extraction phase of the game.


You can choose to have your active Invaders evacuate from the planet. In this case, they’ll leave with the loot they’ve collected — but they’re officially out of the game, and cannot return.

The Phases

  • I. The Landing: recruit your team and prepare to drill
  • II. Drillin’: Extract ETH
  • III. Final Extraction: Extract ETH and LOOKS

🏆 What’s the Prize?

It all depends.

The prize pool for INVASION is made up of all ETH paid to recruit Invaders — LooksRare doesn’t take a fee, so, assuming all Invaders sell at a price of 0.01 ETH, the prize pool will be worth 500 ETH.

In addition, 50% of the LOOKS spent throughout the course of the game will be added (the remaining 50% will be burned).

🤝 How do I recruit Invaders?


Mint opens: June 11, 13:00 (UTC) Mint closes: June 12, 13:00 (UTC) Price per Invader: 0.01 ETH Total supply: 50,000 Contract: 0x5ac3caaeb36383853c3aa00d9314b1eb7d44514f Max per wallet: 500

Hire the heavies and hustlers you want to bring along via the Mission page. Simply connect a Blast-supporting wallet and follow the instructions to get them on your team.

Each Invader is an NFT that represents a member of your crew. There’s a range of species, but don’t get too hung up on how they look — they’re probably going to die soon. What matters is how much ETH and LOOKS they can siphon for you.

All Invaders have been generated using an in-house AI model.

⏭️ What happens next?

The mission begins as soon as the mint sells out. Failing that, it will begin June 12 at 13:00 (UTC).

Phase II will carry on until only 300 Invaders remain. Note that any wounded Invaders will be insta-killed once Phase III starts.

In Phase III, the mission remains the same. Your Invaders will continue to extract ETH, but they’ll earn LOOKS, too. Crucially, Medi-droids can no longer be purchased in Final Extraction, and getting hit means automatic death.

The game continues until one final Invader stands.

🧠 Strategies

Love being an asshole? Like to think outside the box to gain the upper hand?

You may want to consider some of the following tried-and-tested strategies from our previous title:

  • Triggering the transition to Phase III by evacuating Invaders
  • Preventing other players from transferring or selling their wounded Invaders by healing them
  • Denying a batch heal by frontrunning the request, instead healing just a single Invader to cause the batch operation to revert. With that said, the other player can just retry if there’s enough time left.
  • Evacuating Invaders to bring the total number below the Phase III’s 300 threshold will wipe out wounded Invaders. Granted, this means your own Invaders won’t be able to participate in the Final Extraction.