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Convert Your SZN 3 Gems Into LOOKS

The 1,000,000 LOOKS Airdrop Pot is open…

Time flies, doesn’t it? SZN 3 ends today, which means there’s a tasty 1,000,000 LOOKS Airdrop about to be claimed by you Gem-hoarding degens.

Here’s what you need to know.

🏦 How Is the Airdrop Pot Distributed?

Your share of the 1,000,000 LOOKS is calculated as follows:

G1 / G2 * 1,000,000


  • G1 is the total amount of Gems you've accumulated
  • G2 is the total amount of Gems accumulated by all users

Put more simply, the percentage of the 1,000,000 LOOKS you’ll receive is the percentage of the total supply of Gems you’ve earned.

🥧 How Do I Claim My LOOKS?

Hit the Rewards Hub.

You don’t need to claim it immediately, but you’ll need to do so before the end of Season 4 if you don’t want to forfeit your share.

Under Claimable Rewards, you’ll see your LOOKS reward. Hit Claim Now and follow the instructions in the subsequent popup to claim.

Claim Rewards

🔜 Ready for Season Four?

A new Airdrop, and more ways to earn Gems. Season 4 kicks off in the coming weeks — and we’re making some big changes.

Watch this space…