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Four Tricks to Earn More Gems

Grind hard. Stack Gems. Redeem for LOOKS.

Season One is underway. As we speak, degens like you are battling it out and staking their claim for the 5,000,000 LOOKS Airdrop Pot.

Here's how you can maximize your Gem-earning potential.

Hopefully, you know the rules by now:

  1. List items from eligible collections, get Gems.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Post about how many Gems you have to make your friends and followers feel bad.
  3. At the end of the month, redeem your Gems for your cut of the LOOKS Airdrop Pot.

Seems simple, right? But it's a competitive game, and you'll need to stay on your toes to rack up those sweet, sweet multipliers. Here's how:

🪜 Touch the Floor

You might know from our launch blog post that, if you list too high, you might not earn Gems.

But did you know that the lower you list, the exponentially higher your multiplier goes? That's right. You can transform every item from eligible collections into a Gem-printing machine by pricing it close to the floor.

Unfortunately, we can't go into detail about the exact multiplier calcs and their thresholds (this helps us prevent abuse/exploitation of the system) — but they're in there!

💍 Remain Faithful

We get it, you want to see other marketplaces. It's not us, it's you, etc.

We're cool with that (it's 2023, after all) — but it's in your best interest to put us first.

If you list higher on LooksRare than you do on other marketplaces...

That item will incur a 0.5x penalty multiplier, meaning that your Gem rewards are effectively halved.

If you list at the same price on LooksRare as you do on other marketplaces...

That item takes on a 1x multiplier (in other words, no change).

If you list lower on LooksRare than you do on other marketplaces...

You're a keeper. Your item will get a 5x multiplier.

🔥 Know What's Hot

The more popular and trending NFTs (i.e., those with higher global volumes on a 24-hour basis) will earn more Gems.

🗻 Climb to the Top

Easier said than done, granted. The higher on the Gem Leaderboard you are, the greater your rewards.

  • Rank in the Top 10, and you'll get a 2.5x Gem Boost
  • Rank between #11 and #25, and you'll get a 2x Gem Boost
  • Rank between #26 and #50, 1.5x.
  • Or, if you come in anywhere between #51 and #100, you'll get a 1.2x Boost.

Ready to go?

👉 Check out the Gem Leaderboard