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Own a Piece of NFT History. Sgt Pepe x LooksRare Drops Tomorrow

Sgt Pepe x LooksRare

690 editions. Priced at 420 LOOKS. Get ready.

At 11AM EST on Thursday, our collab with legendary memelord Arsonic goes live.

🎨 What Is It?

A fully on-chain, ERC-1155 NFT depicting everyone’s favorite frog as Pepe Jones — an archeology professor and adventurer with a deathly fear of snakes.

Pepe Jones

🎉 How Can I Claim?

The drop is designed to reward the LooksRare and Sgt Pepe World communities. It’ll take place in two phases, but you’ll need to be quick: both are first come, first served.

Phase 1 (11-11:30AM EST)

320 editions will be made available to:

  • Random holders of Sgt Pepe, WAGMI & EL FAFO
  • The top 1,000 LOOKS wallets (includes staked and held balances)

Phase 2 (11:40AM EST)

206 editions will be made available to:

  • All Sgt Pepe World holders
  • All wallets with 1,000 or more LOOKS (staked and held balances)

Where can I check my eligibility?

You’ll be able to check by connecting your wallet on the sale page, which will be live a couple of hours before Phase 1 begins.

We’ll post the link to the sale page on Twitter later today, so make sure to drop @LooksRare a follow if you haven’t already.

Note: 154 editions will be airdropped to Arsonic's friends, family and frogs. LooksRare will receive ten editions, too, because Zodd watches Indiana Jones 4x a week. He even wears the hat and satchel to conferences.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • 15% to Sgt Pepe owners (103)
  • 5% to Arsonic's team (34)
  • 2.5% to 6529 Museum of art (17)
  • 1.5% to LooksRare (10)

Don’t forget your LOOKS!

This is a LOOKS-only drop. That means no ETH, no WETH, no USDC, not even DOGE.

All pieces (in both phases) will be priced at 420 LOOKS. So be sure to top up your wallet ahead of time, and add a little ETH to cover the gas fees.


📸 When’s the Snapshot Happening?

It already has, anon. The snapshot took place at block #1672844. Unfortunately, buying LOOKS or Sgt Pepe NFTs at this stage won’t make you eligible. But keep an eye on our Discord and socials for the next drop!

🐸 Who is Arsonic?

Arsonic’s been active in the crypto space for some time. He’s part of the duo behind Zeblocks — an experimental studio that blends technology and art. Their project Unigrids has even attained mythical Art Blocks: Curated status, and has appeared in auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

But, hey, that’s enough from us. Let’s hear from the Da Vinci of Pepes himself.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a 42-year-old kid living in Montreal, who used to run a web agency for about 15 years. In 2015, I got hooked on crypto with Bitcoin and went down the rabbit hole, exploring various aspects of the field such as crypto trading, crypto mining, blockchain development, NFTs, and generative art.

In January 2021, we at Zeblocks created Unigrids, our first generative art, which gained popularity quickly (thanks to Art Blocks) and put us on the map. Recently, I started creating art, and my first successful drop was Sgt Pepe for the 6529 collection. I love joking around and not taking anything too seriously (outside of my work ethic).

For the uncultured: what is Sgt Pepe?

Sgt Pepe is Card #37 from the 6529 meme collection, and was created based on the theme of "Freedom to transact."

After its launch, the meme rapidly gained popularity, with some people believing it was merely a coincidence, but there is no doubt that it was created by someone with the superpower of "Summoning green candles”. You have been warned not to fade Sgt Pepe! 😅

Why Pepe?

Pepe and memes have always been a natural fit for me. Since 2016, my Twitter avatar has been a rare Pepe, until last year when I had my new avatar created by Somehoodlum from the Hoodlums project, which represents me wearing a Pepe hoodie.

Apart from that, I have always used Pepe as the perfect character to express myself on Twitter or in the many chats I've had over the years. Therefore, I decided to continue pushing that direction with my art.

Who’s the collection for?

The Sgt Pepe World collection is for all pepe lovers, young and old kids and everyone who wants to have some fun on the Internet. Everything I do within the Sgt Pepe World is CC0, so everyone can use anything I do to create their own things.

So if you Pepe, you'll be served as we'll be creating a whole world and mini games around different Pepe characters and more! Everyone with a smile is welcome within our community 😉

Can you tell us a bit more about Pepe Jones and how it came to be?

Pepe Jones was something I actually started not too long after Sgt Pepe, I had it sitting there finished at 75%. Until it hits me — he would be a perfect fit as a LooksRare adventurer. Not only is he a great character but he'll also be one of the first on-chain art collections getting distributed on Manifold (thanks to LooksRare team for putting this together).

Is there more in the pipeline for Pepe Jones holders?

Yes, every character in Sgt Pepe World will give you chances for more allowlists in the future and gifts in our world along the way. I always bring together all the projects I'm involved with. For example, not long ago, all Sgt Pepe holders got a guaranteed mint in the Marilyn Monroe project that we just launched.

What’s the next big NFT trend going to be?

The next big thing in NFTs... I think we will see a lot more IRL NFT utility (tickets for shows, club memberships, etc.). In terms of art, I think we'll see an AI trend getting stronger and we’ll hopefully get more people starting to discover and try to put more things fully on-chain.

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