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Say Hello to the LooksRare Aggregator

Say Hello to the LooksRare Aggregator

Degens and decent, ordinary folks alike, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well — one of them, at least.

Today, the first phase of LooksRare’s Aggregator hits the platform. Big shout-out to the #hodlerrrrrr🔥 channel on our Discord, who took the upgrade out for a test run prior to launch.

The TL;DR?

You can now add NFTs to your shopping cart, bulk-buy items from both LooksRare and OpenSea, and view events from OpenSea without ever leaving the site.

But that’s just the beginning. Let’s dive into the features available now, and what’s coming in the next couple of weeks.

✨ What’s New?

🛒 Shopping cart - Add NFTs listed on LooksRare and OpenSea to your shopping cart

💰 Bulk-buy from LooksRare - Buy multiple NFTs at once from LooksRare

⛵ Buy or Bulk-buy from OpenSea - Buy 1 or more NFTs that are listed on OpenSea

🛍️ Buy Multiple NFTs from LooksRare and OpenSea at the same time

👀 OpenSea Events - View sales events and more from LooksRare and OpenSea

OpenSea Events

What’s up next?

💰 LooksRare V2 bulk buys - Bulk-buying using LooksRare’s new V2 protocol

🧹 Sweeping - A better user experience for buying multiple NFTs

And what comes after that?

🛍️ Buy & bulk-buy from even more marketplaces

📊 View events from other marketplaces

📈 Enjoy real-time, global floor and trait data from other marketplaces

💻 The Technical Stuff

We’ll get into the weeds on the technical side of the Aggregator smart contract soon. For now, here are the answers to the two most frequently asked questions:

What’s the contract address?

LooksRare’s verified Aggregator smart contract address is:


Has the Aggregator smart contract been audited?

Yep. Twice, in fact. Check out the security reports:

  1. A formal security audit by Peckshield
  2. An audit contest with Code4rena

🛍️ Get Shopping

Head over to the website to start adding your grails to your cart today.

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