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Introducing the LooksRare Affiliate Program

Refer to the best. Collect your ETH.

If you’ve got an NFT-primed audience, this one’s for you.

The LooksRare Affiliate Program means you can get paid for sending users to LooksRare.

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🤝 What’s the LooksRare Affiliate Program?

It’s an incentive program targeted at communities, content creators, influencers, platforms, and more.

As a LooksRare affiliate, you’ll be able to earn up to 50% of the protocol fees generated by people you send to LooksRare to trade NFTs.

📃 How Does It Work?

Once accepted as a LooksRare affiliate, you’ll receive a unique URL string that you can add to any LooksRare link. When someone clicks a link with your unique URL string, their wallet will then be bound to you for 30 days.

If, within the 30 days, they take actions like creating a listing or buying an NFT, they'll then become your referee, and you’ll earn a percentage of all the LooksRare protocol fees they pay for the foreseeable future.

If they don’t take action within 30 days, they’re no longer bound to you — and they become fair game for anyone else trying to refer them.

Protocol fees you earn are paid instantly on a per-trade basis to an ETH address you provide us with.

You can earn up to 50% of the generated protocol fees. Here’s a quick example:

  • You refer Bob to LooksRare
  • Bob sells a BAYC for 50 ETH
  • Bob pays 0.25 ETH in fees (at a rate of 0.5%)
  • You get paid 0.125 ETH!

Approved affiliates will also have access to the Affiliate Dashboard — where they can generate referral links and track their fees generated, etc.

👥 How Do I Become a LooksRare Affiliate?

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Fill out the Google Form linked above, and our BD team will be in touch if it’s a good fit.

The first wave of LooksRare affiliates will be:


Influencers and creators with 5,000+ followers or subscribers on social media platforms.

NFT communities / alpha groups

Discord, Telegram, etc., groups made up of 200+ members.


  • News and media sites
  • Data/analytics platforms
  • Aggregators
  • And more

As we’re still refining the initiative, we’ll need to consider affiliates on a per-case basis. As time goes on, however, we’ll open it up to the wider public.

📅 When Does It Launch?

Later this week. Please note that our form contains an anti-phishing codeword you can set, so you’ll know it’s us if we reach out.

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