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Public API Documentation

Important Information

LooksRare API is currently in BETA and will be undergoing regular maintenance to increase data offerings and improve performance.

LooksRare provides the API free of charge, and ask that you provide attribution to LooksRare on your platform (website and/or app) in return.

There should be a link to LooksRare from the NFTs or relative data that you display from the LooksRare API.

Please refer to Brand, Logos & Usage page for images that you can use for LooksRare attribution.

LooksRare reserves the right to revoke or restrict API access in the event that the above terms are not adhered to.

Public API Documentation

LooksRare Public API Docs: https://looksrare.dev/

General FAQs

What is the default rate limit?

The default rate limit is set to 120 requests per minute per IP address.

What chains are available via the API?

Ethereum Mainnet for production and Goerli for development.

Mainnet: https://api.looksrare.org/api/

Goerli: https://api-goerli.looksrare.org/api/

Do I need an API key?

POST requests on mainnet require an API key.

GET requests, as well as any requests to testnet endpoints, do NOT require an API key.

Is there a cache on the API?

Yes, we currently have a 10-second API cache in place.

Can I request a higher limit?

It is possible to request a higher rate limit; however, this process requires additional information, and further requirements must be met for the request to be successful. It is highly unlikely that we will provide higher rate limits for applications still under development.

To request a higher limit, please see Can I contact LooksRare about the API?

Can I create listings through the API?

Yes, you can create listing via the Public API (see https://looksrare.dev/reference/createorder). An API key will be required on mainnet.

How can I obtain an API Key?

Please see Can I contact LooksRare about the API?

Does LooksRare have an SDK?

Yes, we provide an SDK to enhance the developers' experience.

LooksRare SDK v2: https://github.com/LooksRare/sdk-v2

Can I contact LooksRare about the API?

Yes, we are always happy to help. We have a Developers Discord available at discord.gg/LooksRareDevelopers