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The LooksRare V2 Migration: Here’s What You Need to Know

LooksRare V2 Migration

Friendship with V1 ended. Now, V2 is my best friend.

That’s right. In case you missed it, we dropped the major upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Check out the details here.

There’s going to be a short transition period as we migrate over from V1. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about today.

📈 Trading Rewards

Our first order of business? Trading Rewards.

Right now, you can earn them from volume on both V1 and V2. If you move over to V2, you’ll save 75% on fees (and you get some other neat features).

But, hey, if you hate innovation, we’re not going to stop you. Yet. Trading Rewards will continue to be shared between V1 and V2 until the period ending 9AM (UTC) on Thursday, April 13th.

After this point, only V2 volume will be eligible.

▶️ The Current V1 Depreciation Timeline

Wednesday, April 12th

As of 7PM (UTC), you’ll no longer be able to POST V1 orders via the public API.

Thursday, April 13th

It’s a busy day:

  • From 9AM (UTC), only volume from LooksRare V2 will be eligible for Trading Rewards
  • From 10AM (UTC):
    • All V1-related items will be removed from the website.
    • You’ll no longer be able to POST V1 orders via GraphQL.
  • From 11AM (UTC), the V1 marketplace smart contract will be disabled.

🏀 Get Ahead of the Game

API user? Here’s how you can get a massive head-start.

The new public API endpoints

New protocol, new endpoints. They’re active on Goerli at the moment, but we’ll release them on mainnet early next week.

The new endpoints, GET /api/v2/orders and GET /api/v2/events , can be used to retrieve V2-specific events and orders.

The current GET /api/v1 endpoints will continue to only provide V1 data. The exception is GET /api/v1/collections/stats which returns global LooksRare volume.

Get the V2 Endpoints

Again, these new endpoints are only available on Goerli ( until next week . Now’s your chance to test them out, adapt your code, and start the migration process.


The following resources might come in handy:

Our v2 SDK (@looksrare/sdk-v2) has all the functionality you'll need to create and sign v2-orders. For more details, check out the GitHub repo.

If you haven’t already, get involved with a community of like-minded builders on the LooksRare Developer Discord server here.