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This contract offers a single execution strategy for users to bid on a specific amount of items in a range bounded by 2 item ids.


function executeStrategyWithTakerAsk(struct OrderStructs.Taker takerAsk, struct OrderStructs.Maker makerBid) external pure returns (uint256 price, uint256[] itemIds, uint256[] amounts, bool isNonceInvalidated)

This function validates the order under the context of the chosen strategy and returns the fulfillable items/amounts/price/nonce invalidation status. With this strategy, the bidder picks a item id range (e.g. 1-100) and a seller can fulfill the order with any tokens within the specified id range.


takerAskstruct OrderStructs.TakerTaker ask struct (taker ask-specific parameters for the execution)
makerBidstruct OrderStructs.MakerMaker bid struct (maker bid-specific parameters for the execution)


function isMakerOrderValid(struct OrderStructs.Maker makerBid, bytes4 functionSelector) external pure returns (bool isValid, bytes4 errorSelector)

Validate only the maker order under the context of the chosen strategy. It does not revert if the maker order is invalid. Instead it returns false and the error's 4 bytes selector.


makerBidstruct OrderStructs.Maker
functionSelectorbytes4Function selector for the strategy

Return Values

isValidboolWhether the maker struct is valid
errorSelectorbytes4If isValid is false, it returns the error's 4 bytes selector