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LooksRare SDK Merkle Tree Orders

⚠️ These code snippets are just examples and the data should never be used as is ⚠️

Sign multiple maker orders with a single signature

This functionality is for UI implementations only. If you are using a bot, don't use the signMultipleMakerOrders function, just loop over the createMakerBid and createMakerAsk functions.

The code snippet below is an example of how to sign multiple orders with one signature using Merkle trees via the @looksrare/sdk-v2 library.

NOTE: In this example we only used maker asks, for maker bids the approvals logic needs to be adjusted. See the documentation on creating maker bids for more details.

import { ethers } from "ethers";
import { LooksRare, ChainId, CollectionType, StrategyType } from "@looksrare/sdk-v2";

const lr = new LooksRare(ChainId.MAINNET, provider, signer);

const orders = [];

orders.push(await lr.createMakerAsk(...));
orders.push(await lr.createMakerAsk(...));

// Grant the TransferManager the right the transfer assets on behalf od the LooksRareProtocol. Only needs to be done once per signer.
if (!orders[0].isTransferManagerApproved) {
const tx = await lr.grantTransferManagerApproval().call();
await tx.wait();

for (const order of orders) {
// Approve the collection items to be transferred by the TransferManager
if (!order.isCollectionApproved) {
const tx = await lr.approveAllCollectionItems(order.maker.collection);
await tx.wait();

const { signature, merkleTreeProofs } = await lr.signMultipleMakerOrders(orders);

The maker orders, merkleTreeProofs and signature will have be sent to the POST /api/v2/orders/tree endpoint. For more details and examples, see create Merkle tree order.

For more information on how to create your orders, see the createMakerAsk and createMakerBid documentation.

Need help?

You can reach out to the LooksRare team via our Developers Discord: