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🥷 Welcome to INFILTRATION.

INFILTRATION is our biggest game yet. In it, you’ll build a squad of world-class robbers to take on the heist of a lifetime.

But you’re not alone. Turns out, a lot of other crews have caught wind of the mythical ETH & LOOKS fortune stashed in this remote jungle compound. They’re not going to go down without a fight — and, if you think the treasure’s owner is going to leave his loot unguarded, we have some bad news for you…

How do I recruit Agents?

To put your dream team together, you’ll need to recruit (mint) Agents during the allotted period.

There are 10,000 of these unique characters available, each priced at 0.05 ETH. Each wallet can mint a maximum of 50 Agents.

And, look, we know years of PFP hype have told you to look out for traits and rarity, but the truth is, these guys are cannon fodder. There’s a good chance they don’t make it out alive, so we don’t recommend getting too attached to them.

All Agents have been AI-generated using a model trained in-house. Don’t worry about any small imperfections in them — the real focus here is the loot they’re going to bring home.

How many rival squads are there?

That depends on who the Agents get recruited by.

Assuming that every squad is some mercenary, one-Agent army, you could be up against a maximum of 9,999 squads. That’s unlikely, however.

How long is a round?

A round takes place over a period of 35 blocks.

What are “phases” in INFILTRATION?

INFILTRATION’s campaign is split into three distinct chapters. Here’s how they work:

I. Recruitment

To kick things off, players need to recruit Agents by minting them during the window. You’ll need at least one to take part in the next couple of phases, so don’t waste any time.

Missed recruitment? There’s still hope: Agents can be traded on NFT marketplaces.

II. Infiltration

The party starts in Phase II. Squads will breach the compound and start loading their duffel bags with all the ETH they can find.

Naturally, the trigger-happy guards aren’t going to like this. If they hit one of your Agents, they’ll WOUND them.

You find yourself at a crossroads here: you can leave your Agents for dead, or you can purchase medpacks to heal them. You should know the following:

  • Agents that aren’t healed within 48 rounds will DIE
  • Medpacks aren’t guaranteed to work (and, the longer you leave your boys wounded, the less likely their chances of survival)
  • If an Agent is given a medpack, their next one will be more expensive

If all this sounds too painful, don’t sweat it — you can tell your Agents to call it a day and flee with whatever they’re holding. But, once they leave the compound, they can never return.

This is the longest phase. It’ll continue until the area’s secure enough to attempt a vault breach: in other words, when only 50 Agents remain, Phase III begins.

III. Endgame

This is it, boys. The final hurdle.

When those vault doors blow open, the impact will finish off any wounded Agents — so stay on top of their health in the run up to Phase III.

In the vault, your Agents will keep doing what they do best: getting the bag. Only now, they’ll start grabbing LOOKS as well as ETH.

No guards, and more rewards. What’s the catch, you ask?

We’ll tell you: there’s some kind of poisoned gas in the air, so one Agent will immediately DIE every round.

What’s the prize?

The ETH & LOOKS haul you’re fighting for is broken down as follows:

  • The ETH reward is the amount raised from the initial mint, minus LooksRare’s fee of 15%. Assuming all Agents are minted, this means a total prize pool of 425 ETH (NB – the number will undoubtedly be less, as some Agents have been allocated for giveaways).

  • The LOOKS reward depends on how many medpacks are purchased throughout the game.

How are they distributed?

In Phase II, Agents will collect ETH (taken out of the prize pool), based on a formula that takes into account the number of remaining Agents.

Because Phase II carries on as long as players keep healing their Agents, it’s possible that a significant portion of the total prize pool is distributed in the second round (then removed when Agents escape).

However, such a scenario would likely mean a much higher LOOKS bounty in the vault, as healing Agents requires it.

At the other end of the spectrum, users may not heal their Agents — in which case the vault would hold most of the total prize pool, but not much by way of LOOKS.


There are some sneaky, unconventional ways of gaining an advantage or generally being a pain in the ass for other players:

  • The transition to Phase III can be triggered by escaping Agents.
  • Healing other players’ wounded Agents means they won’t be able to transfer them or sell them on marketplaces.
  • You can prevent a batch heal by frontrunning the request and healing just one of the wounded Agents. This can cause the batch heal to revert. However, its initiator can just retry, provided there’s enough time left before the next round.
  • Escaping Agents to below the threshold for starting Phase III will wipe out wounded Agents. Of course, this means your own Agents won’t be eligible for vault prizes.