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Collection Verification

Why does LooksRare verify NFT collections?

The main reason is to make it easier to find the genuine version of the collection you’re looking for. Scammers make fake versions of collections to trick people, so LooksRare's verification mark helps avoid them.

Note that verification on LooksRare DOES NOT constitute an endorsement or recommendation to buy the collection.

What does it mean when a collection is verified?

Verified collections have a blue check mark next to their names.

Collections with this mark have been verified as legitimate and high-volume, or otherwise notable.

  • Legitimate: Not maliciously or purposely misrepresenting other collection(s), or soon to be collection(s), with the intent of misleading users for their own profit, such as creating an exact duplicate of the BAYC collection AND claiming to be the BAYC team.

  • High-volume: Successfully achieved 250 ETH or more in cumulative all-time volume on LooksRare or 500 ETH across the NFT marketplace ecosystem (excluding private sales).

  • Notable: Closely affiliated with a high-profile public figure or organization, or otherwise culturally relevant.

Note that a collection being verified on LooksRare DOES NOT constitute a recommendation to buy an item in the collection.

Eligibility to request verification

Once a collection has accumulated 250 ETH/WETH or more in volume on LooksRare (excluding private sales), the owner of the collection will be able to request verification from the collection page.

Does LooksRare verify spin-off, homage, or remix collections?

Yes, sometimes. The main reason for the verification system is to make it easier to find the genuine version of the collection you’re looking for, so you can avoid accidentally buying fakes.

If a spin-off, homage, or remix collection isn’t intentionally misrepresenting itself as a genuine version or affiliate of another collection, it doesn’t fall under the “fake” category for the purposes of LooksRare’s verification system.

Does LooksRare verify other kinds of derivative collections?

Derivative collections occupy an unusual position in the NFT community: for example, some unauthorized derivative collections gain significant interest and trading volume. In cases like this, so long as their actions aren’t malicious, these collections may be considered “notable”, in which case LooksRare may grant the verified mark. Emphasis on the may. Again, the mark does not equal endorsement. Its main purpose is to help you make sure you're actually buying the NFTs you want to buy, and not fakes.

Will my collection be automatically verified once verification is requested?

No, verification is done manually by the LooksRare team for now. We expect to move the verification process to a more decentralized community effort in the future. In certain cases, you may be asked to provide additional information.

LooksRare reserves the right to decline and/or remove verification, in the event that misrepresentation and/or malicious behavior is found.

How do I verify my collection?

Collection verification requests will be coming to LooksRare soon, in the meantime, LooksRare will proactively process new verifications on a daily basis

To get your collection verified, it must first meet the minimum requirements of 250 ETH in trading volume.

Once this requirement has been met, you can navigate to your collections under your account.

My Collections

If a collection you created (or own) is not appearing here, click on Import Collection. Please note that you must be the owner of the collection smart contract to claim ownership over a collection on LooksRare.

Click on Manage Collection for the collection you want to verify, then click Apply for Verification

Apply for Verification