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Conditional Listing (Deprecated)


Conditional listings are no longer supported — so the information provided below is irrelevant. However, it's still available to view for archival purposes.

What is a conditional listing?

TLDR: list two items - sell one, and keep the other. When one NFTs sells , the other listing is canceled.

A conditional listing is a kind of custom order type, with a condition. In this case, the condition is “One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO)”: if one listing is executed (the item is sold), the other listing is canceled.

Why would I want to make a conditional listing?

List two items - sell one, keep the other

Let’s say you’ve got two Goblins. You want to sell one, but you don’t care which one.

Using a conditional listing, you can put both Goblins up for sale (making it more likely that someone will buy one), but only one of them can be sold.

As soon as Goblin A is bought on LooksRare, Goblin B’s listing will be instantly canceled, and it’ll stay safe and sound in your wallet!


Conditional listing behavior only applies to sales made via LooksRare’s smart contracts (either directly, or via aggregators like Gem/Genie). If you list one or more of the items in your conditional listing on another marketplace, they could potentially all be bought.

Save money when canceling

When you cancel a conditional listing, it cancels the listings of every item in that listing.

Suppose you actually want to keep both Goblins: you choose to cancel your listing.

If you had listed both Goblins separately, you’d need to pay gas for two separate cancellation transactions.

With a conditional listing, you only need to pay the gas fees for a single cancellation transaction.

Conditional Listing FAQs and Guides

What if someone buys ("sweeps") all items at the same time?

So long as you only listed the items on LooksRare, then only one can be bought. Only a single NFT will be sold, and the other NFT will stay in your wallet. The NFT that’s sold is the one that’s passed first in the transaction on the blockchain.

What happens if one of the NFTs in a conditional listing is sold on another marketplace?

  • If you only list the items via a Conditional Listing on LooksRare, only one of them can be bought.
  • However, if you also list one or more of the items on another marketplace, they could all potentially be bought, because the conditional listing only works on LooksRare.

What happens with aggregators like Gem or Genie?

If someone uses Gem or Genie to buy a conditionally listed item, it doesn't make any difference to the above behavior: so long as you only make the conditional listing on LooksRare, only one can be sold. Even if someone uses an aggregator's "sweep" function to buy multiple items at once, only one of the conditionally listed NFTs will be sold.

How can I make a conditional listing?

From your LooksRare account page, select any two NFTs to sell and you’ll get given the option to create a conditional listing.


How can I adjust prices for a conditional listing?

Click “Adjust Listing” on your account page or the individual NFT page.

Both NFTs included in a conditional listing can be adjusted separately. Adjusting one will not affect the other.

How can I cancel a conditional listing?

Click “Cancel Listing” on your account page, or on the individual NFT’s page.


Canceling a conditional listing will cancel the listings of all the NFTs in that conditional listing.

How many items can be in a conditional listing?

You can make as many conditional listings as you want, but for now, each conditional listing can include a maximum of two NFTs.

This can (and likely will) be increased in the future, but for the initial release, we want to make sure the system is clear and easy to use before increasing the limit. Let us know your feedback on Discord or Twitter.

For advanced users, it’s already possible to create conditional listings without limit via the LooksRare API.

If that sounds like fun, you can check out the API docs here.

Are conditional listings still eligible for Listing Rewards?

Yes, conditional listings are still eligible for earning and receiving Listing Rewards. Note that if one listing is sold, the remaining listings will be automatically canceled and thus will no longer be earning listing rewards.

Do NFTs in a conditional listing need to be from the same collection?

No, they can be from a mix of collections if you want.

Do NFTs in a conditional listing need to be the same price?

No, you can set different prices for each item.

How can I know which of my NFTs are part of a conditional listing?

Your NFTs that are part of a conditional listing will have a green icon next to the price, as shown below.



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