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Stack Gems, earn LOOKS.

While a Season runs, we’ll reward you with Gems for performing activities on LooksRare.

The more Gems you earn, the greater your share of the LOOKS Airdrop when the Season ends.

⏱️ How Long Does a Season Last?

It depends. Usually, between 1-2 months.

💎 What’s a Gem Worth?

That depends, too. There isn’t a fixed number of Gems available, so your LOOKS reward is calculated at the end of the Season with the following formula:

Your GemsTotal Number of Gems×Airdrop Pot Amount\frac{\text{Your Gems}}{\text{Total Number of Gems}} \times \text{Airdrop Pot Amount}

✨ What Kinds of Activities Earn Gems?

All kinds. New Seasons typically bring new incentivized activities, but here are some current examples:

  • Profile: adding a profile pic or LooksRare username
  • Raffles: creating or buying tickets for raffles
  • YOLO: participating in and/or winning YOLO rounds
  • Hitting the gm button consistently

Find out more about this Season's activities by hitting the Rewards Hub.

☀️ What’s the Difference Between Daily and Seasonal Quests?

Daily Quests refresh on a (you guessed it!) daily basis. Check the Rewards Hub every day to see which new activities will earn you Gems.

Seasonal Quests are longer-term campaigns which span the entire Season. As you hit new milestones for specific tasks (collecting Gems, playing YOLO, etc.), you’ll level up — and earn a Gem bonus in the process.

💱 When Can I Swap My Gems for LOOKS?

At the end of the Season.

Note that Gems do not carry over from Season to Season, so, if you don’t redeem them before the deadline, you’ll have to forfeit them.

Generally, you have until the end of the following Season to claim your LOOKS.