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Convert Your Season Two Gems Into LOOKS

The 5,000,000 LOOKS Airdrop Pot is open…

We’ve got 5,000,000 LOOKS ready to be split up between the diligent listers, gmers, and other hustlers hunting for Gems in Season Two.

Claim your well-earned prize. Then, turn your LOOKS into more LOOKS (and ETH!) by committing it for Protocol Rewards.

🏦 How Is the Airdrop Claim Distributed?

Your share of the 5,000,000 LOOKS is calculated as follows:

G1 / G2 * 5,000,000 LOOKS


  • G1 is the number of Gems you’ve earned
  • G2 is the number of Gems earned by all users

Put more simply, the percentage of the 5,000,000 LOOKS you’ll receive is the percentage of the total supply of Gems you’ve earned.

🥧 How Do I Claim My LOOKS?

In the Rewards Hub!

You don’t need to claim it immediately, but you’ll need to do so before the end of Season 3 if you don’t want to forfeit your share.

Under Claimable Rewards, you’ll see your LOOKS reward. Hit Claim Now and follow the instructions in the subsequent popup to claim.

claim rewards

💡 Pro tip: once you complete your claim, commit your share of the Airdrop claim to earn a cut of LooksRare’s Protocol Rewards!

🔜 Ready for Season Three?

A new Airdrop, and even more ways to earn Gems. Season 3 kicks off later this week.

Watch this space…