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Play LooksRare Games on Arbitrum Now! (💙,🧡)

The Multichain Future Is Now...

You know we hate gas fees. We know you do, too.

Where we’re going, you can forget about them. Let’s keep the gaming party going on Arbitrum!

🐻 The Bear Reawakens…

Our foray into Layer 2 kicks off with Poke the Bear on Arbitrum — live now!

To the unfamiliar, PTB is a heart-pounding game of degeneracy. You and a handful of other players will take it in turns to poke a sleeping bear with a stick. One of those pokes will randomly wake him, and he’ll maul the person responsible. The rest will GTFO, splitting the victim’s entry fee.

Play on Arbitrum for even faster rounds, tons of gas savings, and a much wider selection of caves — as cheap as 0.03 ETH per play.

Do You Dare to Enter?

🪢 How to Bridge

Bridging mainnet ETH to Arbitrum only takes a couple minutes — and you can do it directly on LooksRare!

Here’s how:

  1. Hit the Profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the Wallet section, hit Move Funds Across Networks
  3. Input the details into the widget and off you go!

🤔 What’s Going On?

Gas fees and block times are getting in the way of fun. We want you to enjoy the greatest on-chain gaming experiences that Web3 has to offer.

That means pushing our suite of games into the magical lands of Layer 2 — starting with Arbitrum.

⚡ Why Arbitrum?

Lightning-fast, ridiculously cheap, and throughput that blows Ethereum out of the water. Take your pick.

Out of the current L2 protocols, Arbitrum has the highest TVL — not to mention a strong community of developers and users.

📈 Lower Fees, Greater Speeds

The threadoors have covered the actual mechanisms of L2 solutions ad nauseam. In simple terms, these networks are securely anchored on Ethereum, thanks to some cryptographic trickery.

Your assets are ‘bridged’ over from Ethereum to the Layer 2 network. Wallets like MetaMask make it dead simple to switch between them.

Crucially, since the new network isn’t a blockchain itself, there aren’t any gas fees or block times. There are different types of fees, but those are a fraction of the ones you’re used to.

TL;DR: Bridge to Layer 2, play to your heart’s content, and, when you’re ready, bring your funds back onto Ethereum.

Play Now!