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Stay Plugged In With Notifications

Notifications on LooksRare

Stay Plugged In With Notifications

At home. On the go. And everywhere in between. Introducing notifications — the quintessential tool for staying on top of your NFT activities. Only on LooksRare.

Crypto moves fast. Fortunately, you can move faster. Our all-new notification system ensures that you get exactly the information you need. Exactly when you need it.

How Can I Enable Notifications?

When you connect to LooksRare next, you’ll get a prompt to explore notifications. Alternatively, just locate your Settings by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner.

Under Notifications, you can customize your alerts to suit your needs. Want to only get pinged when your bid on an item is accepted? When an offer is made on one of your NFTs? All of the above?

You can toggle your preferences as you see fit here.

Notifications Toggle

Note: the toggles will enable on-site notifications on any device. To get desktop notifications for most mainstream browsers, be sure to hit Enable Desktop Notifications, too.

iOS and Android push notification support to follow 👀

Enable Notifications

Notifications, at a Glance

Item Sold

As you’d expect — enable this to receive notifications when one of your listed NFTs sells.

Offer Received

Again, this one does what it says on the tin. If a user places an offer on one of your NFTs, we’ll let you know.

Collection Offer Received

When someone makes a collection offer (and you own a piece within that collection), this notification will alert you.

Offer Notification Threshold

Nobody likes having their time wasted with lowball offers. That’s where the _Offer Notification Threshold _can help.

By setting this percentage, you can choose to ignore offers below a certain price. For example, by inputting a value of 5% Below Floor, we won’t ping you with offers that are more than 5% below the floor price for your NFT’s collection.

So, for instance, if the floor price is 100 ETH, you’ll only hear about offers that are above 95 ETH.

Offer Accepted

Want to know exactly when to take your victory lap? Find out the second your offer on an NFT gets accepted.


Running into issues getting set up? Check out the guide.