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LooksRare Notifications Troubleshooting Guide

Notifications aren’t showing up in my notifications tray

Think you’re not seeing all of the notifications you should in your notifications tray?

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure you’ve enabled notifications for all events you want to hear about (via the Settings page)
  • Expecting an offer notification? Check that it’s within the range of your Offer Notification Threshold, or that you have the threshold disabled.

Bear in mind that offer notifications:

  • Don’t appear for non-verified collections
  • Disappear from your notifications tray if they’re over one week old
  • Won’t show up if you made the offer
  • Expire if the offer expires or is no longer valid

I got an error message on LooksRare after enabling notifications on my device

Things to consider:

  • Are notifications blocked for LooksRare at the browser level? Try enabling notifications via the Settings page — an instructional modal from your browser should appear.
  • Did you try restarting your browser after updating your notifications settings?
  • Are you a Brave user? Ensure Use Google Services for Push Notifications is enabled.

I can see notifications in the notifications tray, but I don’t get pinged on my device

In this case, it could be an issue with your device. We’ll try and outline the common pain points below.

Unsupported browsers and operating systems

At the moment, we don’t have notification support for Safari, Android or iOS. The site will still be fully functional, you just won’t get pinged at the device level.

Stay tuned!

Focus/’Do Not Disturb’ mode

Most devices have some kind of setting where notifications are either disabled or restricted. Ensure LooksRare can keep getting those updates to you by adjusting your device’s notification settings accordingly:

Notification management

You could be overlooking something in your device settings. Check out the following guides to make sure everything’s in order: