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Ready to Claim Your YOLO?

YOLO Claims are coming...

Degens, your patience has paid off.

If you’ve been staking LOOKS to earn Shards, you’ll be able to claim your YOLO allocation on June 12 at 16:00 UTC.

Here’s what you need to know.

YOLO Shards: Season 1 End

At 14:00 UTC on June 11, Season 1 of YOLO Shards ends as we take a snapshot.

The amount of Shards you have at the time of the snapshot (versus the total amount of Shards in existence) will determine your share of the initial 222,222,222 YOLO tokens.

YOLO Shards: Season 2 Begins

Season 2 kicks off immediately following the snapshot.

Your YOLO Shards will reset to zero, and you’ll start accumulating Season 2 ones right away as in preparation for the second YOLO distribution.

Staked LOOKS in Season 1? You’re starting things off with superpowers: you’ll retain your S1 multiplier, which will increase every 30 days!

What Is YOLO?

$YOLO is the native token of YOLO Games — the home of degen gaming on Blast.

In recognition of our contributions to this exciting new project, the team has allocated a chunk of the $YOLO supply to LooksRare. Naturally, we’re giving it all back to those of you that have been accumulating Shards.

The token can be used on YOLO Games, both to participate in the various available titles, and to reap rewards by adding them to the YOLO Liquidity Pool.

The LooksRare Allocation

The YOLO Games team have earmarked [REDACTED] of the total supply for LooksRare’s stakers. It will be made available over time, with the first 2.5% being distributed in the first batch.

Play One Round to Claim

Because of how YOLO Games’ contracts work, you’ll need to have played at least one game on their platform — why not try Poke the Bear, MOON or DOOM, or YOLO?

Don’t Forget Your Blast ETH

Remember, YOLO is on Blast — so you’ll need to add this network to a supported wallet (like MetaMask).

Blast RPC Details

Network name: Blast Mainnet RPC endpoint: Chain ID: 81457 Currency symbol: ETH Block explorer:

Be sure to bridge over some ETH, which you’ll need to pay for gas. You can do so via the official Blast site.

Eyes Peeled... 👀

The next week’s going to be an exciting one for LOOKS holders. Make sure your staking wallet’s been configured to the Blast network to hit the ground running as soon as YOLO launches.

We’ll communicate any updates via X (@LooksRare), including timings and the process for redeeming Shards. As always, be wary of any information that doesn’t come from us.

As always, keep an eye on Discord and X for the latest updates.