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Get Ready to INVADE 👾

It's your time, commmander.

Broxylon IV is home to a rich bed of naturally occurring ETH.

Our scans tell us that there’s about 500 ETH buried in its fertile ground. To top it all off, the planet’s core is made of pure LOOKS — the last source in the galaxy.

It won’t be for long, though. You’re going to assemble a team of bad motherf**kers from every corner of the universe, touch down on the planet, and drain it of everything it’s got.

It won’t be easy, commander. Broxylon IV’s natives don’t take kindly to invaders, and you can be sure they’ll come at you hard when they find you mining their beautiful home.

Welcome to LooksRare: INVASION.

🛸 I. The Landing

Recruit the hustlers and heavies you’ll need for the mission, then drop onto the planet. We’ve only got a small window in which we can enter the atmosphere, so be quick about it.

The species...

  • Chain: Blast
  • Prize pool: 500 ETH + ??? LOOKS
  • Mint opens: June 11, 12:00 PM (UTC)
  • Max supply: 50,000
  • Mint price: 0.01 ETH
  • Max mint per wallet: 500

Once landed, you’ll set up the mining equipment. Your goal is to drill deep into the planet’s core, funneling out all the ETH you can as you head for the LOOKS reserves.

It won’t take very long for the locals to notice your activities. When that happens, they’ll do everything they can to put an end to your operation.

🏭 II. Drillin’

Full steam ahead as soon as the mint sells out (and if it doesn’t, on June 12 at 12:00 PM (UTC)). Drill towards the core and extract the ETH as you go.

You’ll meet heavy resistance from the locals, but you’d better guard your station with your life: the longer you hold on, the more resources you’ll siphon out.


Your team might be good, but they’re no match for heavy artillery.

We’ve seen the kind of technology the inhabitants have. By our calculations, they’ve got the firepower to wound 0.2% of active Invaders every three minutes.

Want your wounded comrades to live to fight another day? You’d better request a Medi-droid drop from one of the dropships overhead. The pilot will trade you one for LOOKS, but he’s a greedy bastard and might hike up his prices over time.

If you leave it for more than eight hours, your Invader will die.

One last thing: I’m not sure that those Medi-droids are Federation-approved. There’s a slight chance that they, uhh, end up exploding and killing your Invader.


Can’t take the heat? Call in a dropship to beam your Invaders outta there.

Your active soldiers are free to quit while they’re ahead, but it’s a one-way ticket. Once they leave the atmosphere, there’s no coming back.

Instead, they’ll sit it out in the mothership, counting out the ETH they stole while down there.

🟢 III. Final Extraction

Congratulations, commander. Your remaining Invaders have reached the core, and a geyser of ETH and LOOKS erupts from the ground.

The stakes have never been higher. 300 Invaders remain, and the impact of hitting the core will kill any wounded survivors. Not that they stood a chance anyway: the core’s force field would disable Medi-droids.

There’s no shame in evacuating now. If your Invaders make it back to the mothership, they’ll take home ETH and any LOOKS they’ve grabbed. But one thing’s for certain: the last alien standing will leave this doomed planet much richer than they came in.

🚀 Prepare for Blast-off

INVASION will run on the Blast network.

Make sure you have your wallet ready to go by June 11, 12:00 PM (UTC). It can’t hurt to stock up on some bridged LOOKS, either — you can bridge it from the Ethereum mainnet via LooksRare, or purchase it outright on Blast via Thruster (address: 0x406f10d635be12ad33d6b133c6da89180f5b999e).

Godspeed, commander.

Prizes, timings and misc. Details

100% of the mint fees will go towards the prize pot (LooksRare doesn’t take a fee). Assuming 50,000 Invaders sold at a mint price of 0.01 ETH, the game’s initial pot will sit at 500 ETH. LOOKS used to pay for Medi-droids will also be added to this pot and made accessible in Phase III of INVASION.

Rounds will last three minutes each, with 0.20% of Invaders wounded each time. Players have 160 rounds to heal their Invaders before their death by purchasing a Medi-droid. These have a base cost of 20 LOOKS, which will double for each successive heal attempt for a given Invader.