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Space Recap - Things You Should Know

Space Recap - Things You Should Know

👀💎 Team

The LooksRare team is now 22 strong and distributed across all corners of the globe.

LooksRare Team

Recent joiners include Peng (BD), Cobretti (UX), Brooce (FE) and Gimli (Manual QA). Another 3 Backend Engineers will also be joining us later this month, taking us to 25!

We’re currently hiring for the following roles:

We’re always happy to hear from anyone with talent and a passion for Web3, so even if you don’t see a role that interests you, reach out via [email protected].

🔎 What’s New and Upcoming for LooksRare?

Here’s a few of the things the team’s working on that you can expect to see soon

  • 3 new order types (trait offers + 🤫🤫🤫)
  • Hiding NFTs you wish you didn’t own or would rather forget about.
  • Notifications via Discord
  • Individual NFT page design overhaul
  • Sort by Rarity
  • Better collection management features
  • Additional platform integrations
  • LR Merch
  • More languages

LooksRare Protocol V2

This will be the next evolution of LooksRare’s core offering and a massive ‘level-up’. Without giving too much away, here are just a few of the things you can look forward to:

  • Additional LOOKS utility ➕ ➕ ➕
  • Increased functionality
  • New order types
  • Platform-level incentives
  • Gas optimization

LooksRare Protocol V2 is already in development and we’re excited af for what it’s going to bring to the table!

🧠 From the Brain of Zodd

That’s just some of the stuff the LooksRare team is working on, and I can honestly say that the full scope is a lot wider than this.

We’re also juggling a handful of ‘top-secret’ 🕵️initiatives, but we’re gonna keep those quiet until they’re closer to completion. In some cases, we’re not allowed to talk about it. For now, anyway. 🤫

One thing that’s been brought up a lot recently in the current market conditions is the price of the LOOKS token. While I won’t comment on price directly, I will say that we, as a team, are fully aligned with LOOKS token holders. LOOKS will be the center of the LooksRare Ecosystem, and continue to accrue additional utility as it develops.

For now, I’ll leave you with these words:

LooksRare is more than just a marketplace, and this is just the beginning.