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Get Paid More by Importing Your OpenSea Listings

Get Paid More!

Two marketplaces are better than one.

Got listings on OpenSea? In less than 30 seconds (and with a single signature), you can bring them all over to LooksRare.

2️⃣✖️ Lower Fees with No Extra Effort

When you’re trying to flip an NFT, those margins are everything. By listing exclusively on OpenSea, you could be leaving money on the table — and the fees could be eating into your profits.

LooksRare’s all-new Import Listings function means you no longer need to worry about that.

🤔 Why Bother?

Because you stand to earn more.

If your NFTs sell on LooksRare at the same price as they’re listed on OpenSea (or even a bit lower), you’ll get paid more thanks to LooksRare's fixed 0.5% fee on all sales.

0.5% too high for your tastes? What do you say to a LOOKS reward for every sale you make? When you take this into account, your fee is basically zero.

Importing your listings doesn’t affect their place on OpenSea. In other words, it’s all to gain and nothing to lose.

⚙️ Here’s How It Works

Head over to the LooksRare homepage. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll see a prompt to import your OpenSea listings.

  • Click Import Now and select the collections you want to list on LooksRare
  • Once confirmed, you’ll get the option to change your listing’s price and the validity period, or keep them unchanged
  • Hit Start Importing to kick off the process
  • Approve the collections you want to sell via your wallet
  • Finally, confirm your listings with a signature!