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Battle It Out for Another LOOKS Airdrop In SZN 3 🔥

Let's get it.

We’re so back.

You know the drill by now: list on LooksRare, get Gems. Say gm, get Gems. Complete key objectives, get Gems.

Here’s what you need to know.

🏁 When Does SZN 3 Start?

The Season kicks off today, August 16, at 14:00 UTC.

This time, it’ll span eight weeks, ending on October 16.

Season Two Claims

You have until the end of SZN 3 to claim any unclaimed Airdrop allocation from Season Two. If you haven’t already, hit the Rewards Hub.

🆕 Daily Quests

New SZN, new functionality. In Daily Quests, you’ll need to, well, complete quests on a daily basis to add to your Gem stack. Discover them in the Rewards Hub.

Daily Quests

🍯 How Many LOOKS Are In the Airdrop Rewards?

This Season, you’ll be playing for 1,000,000 LOOKS.

As usual, your cut is determined by the number of Gems you hold versus the number of Gems distributed in total.

So, if you owned 10% of the Gem supply, you’d get 10% of the Airdrop — or 100,000 LOOKS.

💎 How Do I Earn SZN 3 Gems?

Same way you always have: list low, get Gems.

Of course, there are other ways:

  • Smash the gm button every day for increasing rewards
  • Complete Daily Quests
  • Complete the Mission to get a Gem bonus
  • Hit the Milestones (we’ve extended the number of levels by 10)

Ready to go?

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