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Claim Trading and Listing Rewards Before the Deadline! ⚠️

Claim your rewards now!

In October, Trading Rewards were discontinued, following in the footsteps of Listing Rewards.

On February 1, 2024 at 13:00 (UTC) — just under two months from now — claims for these rewards will end.

What Happens After the Deadline? 📅

Any unclaimed rewards will be claimed by LooksRare and sent to the Treasury to be used in the future as incentives, rewards, etc.

How Many LOOKS Remain Unclaimed? 🏆

There are currently a total of 21.7M+ LOOKS in unclaimed Trading Rewards and Listing Rewards.

How Do I Check If I Have Any? 👀

Claim Rewards!

You can check if you have any pending Trading Rewards or Listing Rewards by connecting your wallet here.