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Join the Community Advisor Program

Join the Community Advisor Program

Building at LooksRare isn't just about the development team, it’s a community effort.

We’re looking for passionate community members like you 👉😎👉 to help us smash our goals and make the best damn NFT ecosystem our there, together.

Introducing: the LooksRare Community Advisor Program

We’re looking for a handful of LooksRare community members to help out as project advisors, specifically to help us improve our User Experience (UX).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional designer to apply! We want to work with people who actually use the product: NFT people like you.

🫡 By NFT people, for NFT people — that’s our motto.

What will Community Advisors do?

We'll start small. To begin with, members of the Program will mostly be tasked with:

  • ✍️ Completing surveys and share feedback on our existing and future products;
  • 💬 Participating in one-on-one interviews with team members to share your experiences;
  • 🎥 Participating in recorded sessions, using prototypes of new and existing designs;
  • ✨ Other feedback sessions and explorations

The data we get from these sessions will be vital as we build better products tailored for the community, and growing the program further.

I'm Doing My Part!

Who can join?

We’re looking for a cross-section of diverse perspectives here — the idea is to put together a group that reflects the greater community as best as possible.

As long as you love NFTs and you're familiar with using NFT marketplaces, we’d love you to apply!

Is there compensation?

Yes! For ongoing participation, we're offering the following compensation:

  • 💎 a monthly allotment of 150 (USD) worth of LOOKS tokens for all participants;
  • 🏆 feedback that results in a new feature — or significant feature improvement — may be eligible for an additional one-time bonus of up to $750 (USD) worth of LOOKS!

Participants will also receive one of several special Discord badges (to be determined 👀)


Compensation is subject to your ongoing commitment, and we reserve the right to discontinue working with any program participant at any time. Additionally, the first $LOOKS payouts will be made after one full month in the program, then on a continued monthly basis after that.

The initial season of the program may last only a few months, but don't worry - any and all eligible contributions will be rewarded.

Dope. How can I join?

Before you apply, please note that you'll need to:

  • share your primary wallet address — and NFT trading activity — with the LooksRare team
  • sign an acknowledgement that your data will be collected during a set period of time

We'll make our decision on a few factors, including your trading activity across different marketplaces, so make sure you're comfortable sharing that info with us. If you're accepted, we'll contact you within the next 3 weeks.

We're only taking on a very small number of participants to begin with, so we might not reach out to you if you don't make the cut this time.

Sound good? Fill out the Google form to apply!