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LooksRare SDK Execute Trade

⚠️ These code snippets are just examples and the data should never be used as is ⚠️

How to create a Taker order and execute a trade

Trades are executed on-chain by matching a Maker order with a Taker order. The maker order can be retrieved from the API, see get v2 orders for more details. While the taker order can be obtained by calling the createTaker method as shown here:

import { LooksRare, ChainId } from "@looksrare/sdk-v2";

const lr = new LooksRare(ChainId.MAINNET, provider, signer);

// The recipient address is optional, if you don't provide it will use your signer address
const takerOrder = lr.createTaker(makerOrder, recipientAddress);

From the API response, you will also get the signature, which is necessary to execute the trade on-chain. To execute the trade, you can call the executeOrder method passing the Maker, Taker and the signature. The method will return a contract call. Here is an example:

const { call } = lr.executeOrder(makerOrder, takerOrder, signature);
const tx = await call();
const receipt = await tx.wait();

Need help?

You can reach out to the LooksRare team via our Developers Discord: https://discord.gg/LooksRareDevelopers