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What Am I Signing When Trading on LooksRare?

LooksRare uses a signature system to make trading more efficient and cheaper for users. In many cases, this means that you don't need to pay transaction fees while using LooksRare.

Unlike some NFT marketplaces, LooksRare uses EIP-712 to make sure that signatures are easy for you to read. We value security, and as such believe every user should be able to understand what they are signing.

What's in the signature?

Maker Order (Listing an NFT for sale, or making an offer on an NFT)

isOrderAsk - Whether the order is a Bid or Ask order

signer - The wallet address of the user signing the transaction

collection - The contract address of the collection the NFT belongs to

price - The price you are offering (listing) an NFT for. This number is in 18 decimals and you can convert it using a unit converter

tokenId - The ID of the token that you are making the offer for, or listing. If you're making a collection offer, this will be 0

amount - The amount of NFTs you are selling. This will always be 1 for ERC-721 tokens, but can be greater than 1 for ERC-1155 tokens.

strategy - Refers to the type of order.

  • Standard Sale For Fixed Price (Standard listing)
  • Any item from a collection for a fixed price (Collection Offer)
  • Any item in a set for a fixed price (coming soon)
  • Dutch auction (coming soon)
  • Private sale (A listing with a pre-determined buyer)

currency - The payment currency. @todo - Add NONCE once done

startTime - The starting time for the sale

endTime - The finishing time for the sale

minPercentageToAsk - The minimum amount that a seller is willing to accept after royalties have been deducted.

params - Additional parameters if required by the contract

signerUser - The user signing (the second one)

verifyingContract -