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What Are LooksRare Raffles?

LooksRare’s Raffles are provably fair rounds where you can win top-tier NFTs and crypto prizes.

On the Raffles page, you’ll see the current prize pool. To enter, you (and everyone else) need to purchase entries. There are a fixed amount of these available every round.

Once they’ve all sold out, the draw begins. The smart contract leverages Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to pick winners at random.

We announce the winners of the top prize on Twitter (@LooksRare), but you can keep an eye on the page to see whether you’re taking home any of the others.

❓Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy entries?

EZ. Hit the Enter Now button on the Raffles page. Or, scroll down a little further to see what bundle deals are available and how many more entries you can buy for the current round.

You’ll need a Web3 wallet like MetaMask, and ETH to cover the entry price and gas fees.

How long until a raffle starts?

Raffles kick off when the required amount of entries is hit — which may vary. You can see how many entries are remaining at the top of the Raffles page.

What if the required amount of entries isn't met?

If there’s too few entries purchased within a given timeframe, the raffle will be canceled. But don’t worry — you’ll be able to reclaim your entries from the smart contract (via the Raffles page).

How do I claim my prize?

Just head over to the Raffles page and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

(Congratulations, by the way!)

How do I know the raffles are 'provably fair'?

The contracts are visible for the world to see. Check out the code here, and the Peckshield audit here.

How can I see my entries for a round?

Click on My History on the Raffles page.

How can I see other peoples' entries for a round?

Hit the Participants tab on the Raffles page.

Can I see the winners of previous rounds?

Yep! Scroll down below the Entries purchase section and click the Raffle History tab. Here, you can see all historical raffles and hit View to check out their winners.