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Adding Liquidity to UniswapV2

First, visit Uniswap and navigate to the liquidity provision page for UniswapV2.

Navigate to v2 liquidity note: If you visited from the link above, you won't need to go follow the directions in this GIF.

Next, click on "Add V2 Liquidity" click add token and search for LOOKS. If you have not yet imported LOOKS into Uniswap, you can do so by clicking "Import" after you search for it.

Add liquidity to LOOKS-WETH

Now, enter the amount of LOOKS and WETH that you would like to add to liquidity. You will need to approve Uniswap to spend your LOOKS token, and then you can add liquidity to the pool.

Once you've completed this, you will receive LOOKS-WETH UNI V2 LP in your wallet. These can be used to earn rewards through staking on LooksRare