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LooksRare Aggregator Overview

The LooksRare aggregator is a decentralized system that streamlines the process of executing multiple orders from different sources in a gas-efficient manner within a single transaction. This system is built upon a set of Solidity smart contracts, with the main contract being the LooksRareAggregator.

One of the primary goals of the LooksRare aggregator is to minimize the gas consumption associated with executing multiple orders. To achieve this, the system takes an array of orders and delegates the execution to the source-specific proxy. This modular design also enables easy updates and improvements while maintaining the system's security and integrity.

This aggregation allows users to access a wide range of orders in a single platform enabling batch orders and partial fills in a gas effective manner, streamlining the trading experience and reducing the need to interact with multiple platforms individually.

As a decentralized system built on smart contracts, the LooksRare aggregator prioritizes security and transparency. The smart contracts are verified and have been audited, and adhere to the highest security standards. For more details on the contracts and audits see the sections below.

What is the core architecture?

The LooksRare aggregator consists of the LooksRareAggregator contract and a set of source-specific proxy contracts which delegate the execution to the relevant protocol. Alongside the ERC20EnabledLooksRareAggregator, which transfers the ERC20 tokens in the defined amount to the aggregator contract for orders that use ERC20 tokens instead of ETH as the currency.

The aggregator's core architecture consists of:

  • LooksRare Aggregator (LooksRareAggregator) — an NFT liquidity aggregator that allows anyone to buy ERC721/ERC1155 tokens from multiple marketplaces in a single transaction. Users can only execute trades through proxies that have been whitelisted by the contract owner.
  • ERC20 LooksRare Aggregator (ERC20EnabledLooksRareAggregator) — the entrypoint for purchases that are denominated in ERC20 tokens instead of native ETH. It still executes trades through LooksRareAggregator. The purpose of having an extra aggregator is to prevent malicious proxies from stealing users' ERC20 tokens in case LooksRareAggregator's ownership is compromised.
  • Proxies (LooksRareV2Proxy, SeaportProxy) — the contracts which delegate the execution to the relevant protocol and handle partial filling, for non-atomic orders.

Deployed contracts


Mainnet: 📃 0x00000000005228B791a99a61f36A130d50600106

Sepolia: 📃 0x00000000005228B791a99a61f36A130d50600106


Mainnet: 📃 0x0000000000a35231D7706BD1eE827d43245655aB

Sepolia: 📃 0x0000000000a35231D7706BD1eE827d43245655aB

LooksRareV2Proxy (v2)

Mainnet: 📃 0x000000000074f2e99d7602fCA3cf0ffdCa906495

Sepolia: 📃 0xbe1A28000cfE2009051ac6F5b865BC03a04be875

SeaportProxy (1.5)

Mainnet: 📃 0x000000000055d65008F1dFf7167f24E70DB431F6

Sepolia: 📃 0x000000000055d65008F1dFf7167f24E70DB431F6

Audit Reports and Security Assurance

At LooksRare security is a top priority. The smart contracts have been rigorously audited by reputable third-party auditors to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability. These audits assess the contracts for potential vulnerabilities, and compliance with best practices in the blockchain industry.

We are committed to maintaining the highest security standards and to continuously improve our smart contract infrastructure responsibly. Below the audits reports for the LooksRare aggregator.


Audit Report:


Audit Report:

Aggregator SDK

We made available an SDK to easily interact with the aggregator. The LooksRare Aggregator SDK is public and available on GitHub and as an NPM Package.