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Welcome to LooksRare 👀💎

LooksRare is the community-first NFT marketplace that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for active participation.

🖼👌 By NFT people, for NFT people

This is who we are.

Part of being community-first means that LooksRare rewards, empowers, and gives back to its users. 100% of fees generated by the protocol are used as rewards to encourage active participation.

🍴 Not a fork

LooksRare’s smart contracts are custom-built within a modular system that enables new features to be rolled out over time – without compromising security – thanks to standardized signatures that clearly define the execution scope.

This means we can offer new types of interactions, like these (rolling out soon):

  • Collection offer - Make an offer that covers all NFTs in a selected collection
  • Trait offer - Offer to buy any NFT with a specific trait in a collection e.g. BAYC w/ Gold Fur
  • Multi-cancelation - Cancels multiple open orders in one transaction

🦖 Not a dinosaur

From utilizing some of the world’s most powerful search infra, down to implementing on-chain standards like EIP-712 and ERC-2981, LooksRare’s technical architecture (contracts, database, API, frontend, search) has been designed from the floor up for scalability, speed and security using the latest and greatest tech.

We’ve also made sure to retain compatibility for deploying on ETH scaling solutions when they're ready for the masses.


Head to https://LooksRare.org to start your NFT journey.

Looking for more? Explore the docs, follow the LooksRare Twitter, or join the LooksRare community on Discord!