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Making a collection offer

What is a collection offer?

A Collection offer allows you to place the same WETH offer on every item within a collection with just a click. This means that anyone holding an item of the collection is able to accept your offer. If a seller accepts your collection offer, it will automatically be withdrawn from all other items in the collection.

You can think of this similar to a limit order when trading cryptocurrency on an exchange.

How to make a collection offer?

  1. Go to the collection page of your choosing. In our examples we will be using CrypToadz.

  2. At the top of the collection page, you'll see a button labeled Make Collection Offer

Collection offer button

  1. A modal will appear. You can now input the amount of WETH you would like to offer across the entire collection. Note: You are only able to use WETH to make a collection offer.

Collection offer modal

  1. Once you have confirmed the parameters of your collection offer, you can click on the Make Offer button

  2. You will now be prompted to sign a message from your wallet. Once you have done this, your offer will be live on the site.

Collection offer signature