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Blockchain Engineer (Solidity)

General information

  • Salary Range: Competitive. Negotiable
  • Position: Full-time
  • Location: Remote
  • Timezone: Any

Your responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, create, develop, and release highly efficient production-grade smart contracts for EVM-based networks that match business requirements
  • Integrate risk systems for deployed smart contracts to debug issues that may arise on mainnet environments
  • Support cross-functional teams to review specs and provide insights
  • Write unit & integration tests for smart contracts and other parts of the technical stack
  • Manage subgraphs and work with backend/frontend teams to integrate smart contracts into the entire infrastructure


  • 3+ years of experience in software development or similar
  • 1+ year experience in developing decentralized applications (“dApps”) with experience deployment complex smart contracts on blockchains
  • Deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and at least one high-level language development language (e.g., Solidity)
  • Good knowledge of EIP and ERC Ethereum standards
  • Knowledge of TypeScript/JavaScript

Good to have

  • Familiarity with Assembly languages and their use for low-level optimizations
  • Experience with Hardhat & Foundry frameworks and working knowledge of Ethers.js
  • Understanding of L2 solutions, including non-EVM frameworks (e.g., Starknet)

How to apply

Send a copy of your resume (required), along with any additional information about yourself which may help us to make our decision to [email protected]

Notes for applicants
  • LooksRare is a decentralized platform and thus also employs the team in a decentralized way, contributing as individuals towards the protocol
  • Salary is paid in crypto (LOOKS or WETH).
  • Salary proposal may include a vested allocation of LOOKS.