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It's Season 5 Time 😎

Aw yiz.

Ah shit, here we go again.

Another Season, another LOOKS Airdrop. You're playing for 2,000,000 LOOKS this time. Here's how you can earn your share.

🤔 What’s Different in Season 5?

YOLO and Raffle Gem rewards are here to stay — but we’re throwing some quests related to NFT trading back into the mix.

Some of you may have already stumbled into the caves. If you want to earn some serious Gems this season, you’ll need to focus your efforts on our latest game, Poke the Bear.

💎 How Can I Earn Gems?

To recap, these are the activities that will get you those sweet, sweet Gems:

  • 🆕 Enter Poke the Bear caves with LOOKS/ETH
  • 🆕 Survive Poke the Bear rounds
  • 🆕 Trading NFTs on LooksRare
  • Being the first to yeet ETH/LOOKS/NFTs into a YOLO pot
  • Winning YOLO rounds
  • By playing YOLO and participating in (or creating) raffles on LooksRare
  • Hitting the gm button

🍯 How Many LOOKS Are In the Airdrop Rewards?

This season, you’ll be playing for a share of 2,000,000 LOOKS.

🏁 When Does Season 5 Begin?

The fifth Season begins today, November 30th, at 14:00 UTC, and it’ll last six weeks.

Season 4 Claims

Claim your share of the Season 4 Airdrop before the end of Season 5 via the Rewards Hub!

Game on, degens.

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