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LooksRare Subgraph Overview

What is a subgraph?

Using The Graph, a subgraph defines the data that is indexed from the Ethereum blockchain and how it is stored. Once it is deployed, it is used to form a part of a global graph of blockchain data.

To learn more about subgraphs, read the introduction from The Graph.

Subgraphs can be queried using GraphQL.

How many subgraphs are deployed?

There are three subgraphs that can be used:

  • Exchange v1 (deprecated) — Built using data from events emitted by the LooksRare Exchange v1.
  • LOOKS Distribution — Built using data from events emitted by several contracts, which all tie to the LOOKS token (e.g., airdrop contract, staking contracts).
  • Royalty Fee Registry — Built using data from events emitted by the Royalty Fee Registry smart contract.

These subgraphs are expected to be modified in the future, with changes being reflected on this documentation! As such, please be aware that future changes may break or remove currently implemented functions, etc.

How are subgraphs hosted?

Subgraphs are currently hosted on The Graph's "Hosted Service". In the future, these three subgraphs are expected to be deployed on The Graph's decentralized network that operates with curators, distributors, and indexers.