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Get Ready to INFILTRATE 🔒

LooksRare Presents: INFILTRATION

Assemble your squad. Breach the compound. Then, take home the LOOKS & ETH haul of a lifetime.


We’ve caught wind of a big payday. The only issue? So has everyone else.

This isn’t going to be an easy mission. To get to the vault, you’ll need to venture into the jungle compound and bypass its state-of-the-art security. All while battling it out with rival crews.

You in?

🥷 I. Recruit Your Team

Amateurs need not apply. For this job, you’ll need the top hitters — and there’s only about 10,000 of them in the entire crypto space.

The mint for Agents opens on Thursday, November 23rd at 15:00 (UTC). Provided they haven’t been snapped up already, you can recruit up to 50 per wallet address.

The game itself starts a day later (Friday, November 24th at 15:00 (UTC)).

🔍 The details

Max supply: 10,000 Agents Mint price: 0.05 ETH Max mint per wallet: 50

💰 The loot

The proceeds from the mint will be used to fund the vault — the mythical treasure your squad’s competing for.

In addition to this ETH payday, LOOKS will be stashed away in the vault every time a player heals an Agent. Make it to Phase III to grab your share.

🏦 II. Infiltrate the Compound

We’ve got one window to get into this hellhole — intel suggests that we can safely breach the perimeter on November 23rd. Then, your Agents can start loading those duffel bags with as much ETH as they can carry.

🛡️ Protect your neck

We told you this wasn’t going to be easy. With every round that passes, a subset of agents will be randomly WOUNDED.

When wounded, they’ll need medical attention quick. Heal them (by buying medpacks using LOOKS) within a certain number of rounds, or they’ll die.

The guards selling the medpacks are just as crooked as your squad. So, they’ll double the LOOKS price for every subsequent heal (isolated to each Agent).

⛰️ Run for the hills

Want to quit while you’re ahead? Give the GTFO order to have your guys escape with whatever loot they’ve managed to grab so far. Just remember: once they’re out, they’re out. There’s no returning to the compound after a successful extraction.

💀 III. Enter the Vault

Let’s talk about why you’re really here. The prize that lies in the vault dwarfs whatever your Agents could bag outside of it.

To even get near the compound’s stash, however, you’re going to have to wipe out a lot of rival crews. Only the last 50 Agents standing will make it into the inner sanctum.

You know the drill by now. Get in and start filling the bags. Again, you can order your squad to escape, or you can fight it out — the last man standing will walk away with an additional grand prize.

💎 Don’t Miss the Mint

There are only 10,000 Agents capable of a heist like this. Make sure you recruit them before someone else does.

Pro Tip ☝️

Make sure to join the Discord for additional information (and, of course, to trash-talk the competition). Interested in the technical side of things? Check out the tech docs here, or the FAQs here.

Want to win a free Agent? Check out the tweet below:

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