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LooksRare SDK Create MakerAsk

⚠️ These code snippets are just examples and the data should never be used as is ⚠️

How to create a maker ask order

The code snippet below is an example of how to create a maker ask using the @looksrare/sdk-v2 library.

The main steps are:

  1. Initialize a LooksRare class instance by providing the chain id, RPC provider and a signer.
  2. Use the createMakerAsk method to create a maker ask with the parameters of your order.
  3. Check and grant necessary approvals for transferring assets.
  4. Sign the maker ask order with signMakerOrder method.

The orderNonce has to be retrieved via our Public API, see get order nonce.

Here is an example:

import { parseEther } from "ethers";
import { LooksRare, ChainId, CollectionType, StrategyType } from "@looksrare/sdk-v2";

const lr = new LooksRare(ChainId.MAINNET, provider, signer);

const { maker, isCollectionApproved, isTransferManagerApproved } = await lr.createMakerAsk({
collection: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000", // Collection address
collectionType: CollectionType.ERC721,
strategyId: StrategyType.standard,
subsetNonce: 0, // keep 0 if you don't know what it is used for
orderNonce: 0, // You need to retrieve this value from the API
endTime: Math.floor( / 1000) + 86400, // If you use a timestamp in ms, the function will revert
price: parseEther("1"), // Be careful to use a price in wei, this example is for 1 ETH
itemIds: [0], // Token id of the NFT(s) you want to sell, add several ids to create a bundle
amounts: [1], // Use it for listing multiple ERC-1155 (Optional, Default to [1])
startTime: Math.floor( / 1000), // Use it to create an order that will be valid in the future (Optional, Default to now)

// Grant the TransferManager the right the transfer assets on behalf od the LooksRareProtocol
if (!isTransferManagerApproved) {
const tx = await lr.grantTransferManagerApproval().call();
await tx.wait();

// Approve the collection items to be transferred by the TransferManager
if (!isCollectionApproved) {
const tx = await lr.approveAllCollectionItems(maker.collection);
await tx.wait();

// Sign your maker order
const signature = await lr.signMakerOrder(maker);

Once, the maker ask for your collection offer has been created, the approvals sorted and the order signed, you will have to send it along with the signature to the POST /api/v2/orders endpoint. For more details and examples, see create order).

Need help?

You can reach out to the LooksRare team via our Developers Discord: